The importance of friends and family has led me to develop and enrich the "Family is always in fashion" collection.

This collection was inspired while working with Rachel Fucs

רחל פוקס, who was an important and significant part of my process, and her vision guides me to this day.

The lucky pendants, along with the children's pendants, personify family and closeness and eventually became my trademark.

The pendants can be combined with a bracelet, necklace or key chain. Engraving the names of our loved ones or personal dedication makes the jewelry more intimate.

"Family is always in fashion" is not just a slogan but a way of life that calls for deep connections of giving and especially of ♥

צמיד זהב תליוני ילדים ותליוני מזל
שרשרת זהב תליוני ילדים ותליוני מזל
שרשרת כסף סטרלינג תליוני ילדים ותליוני מזל
צמיד כסף סטרלינג תליוני ילדים תליוני מזל