brand essence is

Spirituality, Creativity, Independece, Skilled, Honesty, Altruistic, Logical, Light-Hearted and Adept.



 brings energy of

Love and New Starts into life,

 Greetings for Peace and Good will,

Celebration, Compassion, Abundance, Fertility and Relaxation.

About the Designer:

Shelly Assody שלי אסודי is a second generation to a family of jewelers.

Her mother and mentor is Tamar Assody תמר אסודי, a time-honoured jeweler.

She began her jewelry career by chance, as an apprentice to her mother and grew up learning the craft through her. Later, once on her own, she was trained by professional workshops and jewelers , first Mentor was Rachel fuchs (רחל פוקס) around the world working with many techniques including rhino jewelry design program, which connects her previous world  of work with computers to

her desire to create and design jewelry, which comes naturally .

Her studio moves with the flow of her life in Tel Aviv, her hometown.